Objects and Poses

Otwock Wielki, 2014

Commisioned for Season 4 of Projekt "Otwock" in 2014

Curated by Kasia Redzisz

In collaboration with Ania Frąckiewicz in National Museum in Warsaw

Błażej Pindor’s photographs unveil the interior of the storage of the Centre of Modern Design and its content. They are however not an objective documentation of the space or the items there gathered, nor do they serve the purpose of an index. Instead, they are presentations of carefully selected objects in meticulously arranged positions, subtly escaping the conventional setting of either a warehouse or even an interior of a household. The chairs, closets, vases, vessels, and fabrics have been staged in impossible configurations. Exposed in no chronological order and against all rules of affinity of style, they are left to function outside of the convention of utility or a museum narrative. (Kasia Redzisz)

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